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Convene Health and Fitness is a web-based community where passionate people gather to share their knowledge for the benefit of the others. This community focuses on all health and fitness related issues.

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Signs you may have high blood pressure and your key to avoid death!
High blood pressure is known as the "silent killer". There are symptoms, contributing factors, and steps to reduce your levels and save your life.
Eugene Brown Jr
Recognizing Dementia Signs
Recognizing dementia signs is vitally important for not only for early treatment, but the safety of all involved.
Eugene Brown Jr
Why weightlifting is important for both men and women?
Weight training provides invaluable benefits that makes it a must for several reasons.
Eugene Brown Jr
Tips to make life LESS Challenging
Life can be difficult. Your daily "self management" approach to it can make all the difference in your perspective.
Eugene Brown Jr
What You Should Know About A Colonoscopy
The intimate details of preparing and getting a colonoscopy.
Eugene Brown Jr
Getting a Vasectomy
The benefits of having a vasectomy can be enormous especially to your spouse.
Eugene Brown Jr
Basic Healthy Diet
Eating well is a lifestyle choice that comes with many benefits.
Eugene Brown Jr
90 Day Challenge - Get Moving
Tracking your goals during the 90 Day Challenge and seeing the weight/inch difference can elevate your motivation to stay on track
Simple Tips to Avoid Being a Heat Casualty
Proper hydration and limiting your activities in hot weather can help you avoid a trip to the hospital.
Eugene Brown Jr
Home Gyms Can be a Great Option
Establishing a home gym is easy to do.
Eugene Brown Jr
How can you manage stress better? Why is it important to do.
Why worrying and stressing can have negative consequences. How can we manage this better?
Eugene Brown Jr
Getting Started
Matthew Currin
Healthy Relationship with America
Love letter about my relationship with America.
Eugene Brown Jr
It's time to continue the conversation about the benefits of this plant.
Eugene Brown Jr
My Story with Irlen Syndrome
I am Mallory Cullen. I want to share my Story with Irlen Syndrome & how Irlen Lenses Helped Me! In fact, I want to share how this changed my life!
Mallory Cullen
Indoor vs Outdoor Exercise
What are some benefits of outdoor vs indoor exercise.
Eugene Brown Jr
Linville Gorge Wilderness Area
Hiking on Linville trails can be challenging. There are other popular sites such as Blue Ridge, Chimney Rock. Grandfather Mountain, and the mountains in Boone to name a few.
Eugene Brown Jr
An Ounce of Prevention (60 Day Journal)
Weekly journal on how to avoid gaining weight this holiday season.
Eugene Brown Jr
TheFatGuy Story & Where He Started
Mike Campbell TheFatGuy I lost 150 pounds in 363 days! I am truly healthy for the first time in my life! On March 2nd 2009, at 351 pounds, I was being treated and on meds for High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Anxiety, Sleep Issues, Migraines, Asthma and Esophageal Reflux. Now my doctor loves me and I am off ALL of my meds and all issues are under control. I am a HAPPY HEALTHY FAT GUY!!
Mike Campbell
2019 Health and Fitness Goals
Each new year most of set new health and fitness goals.
Eugene Brown Jr
The AHA! Moment
The AHA! Moment The moment you realize that you need to make some changes!
Mike Campbell
Should Women Fight in MMA
MMA is a violent sport. Should women participate?
Eugene Brown Jr