The AHA! Moment
by Mike

That AHA! Moment

Every journey to a healthy lifestyle begins with an “AHA!” moment — that pivotal revelation that says, “That’s IT! I don’t like where I am and I’m finding my way ‘Out of the Fire’ now!”

TheFatGuy would like to hear your AHA! Moment. Tell him and all about it in the comments below. Our stories are powerful, and yours could be just the ‘spark’ someone else needs to get moving forward and ‘keep’ moving forward.

TheFatGuy’s AHA Moment!

As TheFatGuy takes a moment to reflect on the events surrounding his AHA moment, it all seems very surreal that he is presenting his story to people, doing a ‘photo shoot’, and being involved in so much in life now. He took a moment to look at the above picture of him in February of 2009. It was a tough time for him mentally, physically, and emotionally. The picture shows him with his wonderful niece and lovely wife at a production of 42nd Street at Wando HS that month. He hardly fit in the theater seats, did not feel good in his own skin, and was as unhealthy as he had ever been. He remembers it like it was yesterday!

Amidst all of his bad and unhealthy feelings then, Polly told him the story that was the catalyst for his journey and changed his life. She came home from a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) meeting and told him they had a speaker that said if she was in a burning building with the president of the US, the governor of the state, the mayor of her town, the Pope, and all of her family members, who would be the most important person in the fire? TheFatGuy said who? She said, “I would be the most important person in the fire. Because if I can’t figure out how to get out, I can’t help anyone else!” 

TheFatGuy knew immediately it was a significant story, but it took about three weeks for it to bounce around in his thick skull before all the pieces fell into place to start his journey on March 2, 2009. He knew is was not good at taking care of himself so how was he going to help anyone else in his life. Polly’s story lead him Out of the Fire! He is thankful for her inspiration and the great places his journey has taken him thus far.

Note to ME and YOU: You never know who will impact you and when! Or who you will impact and when! An encouraging word or story could be the acorn that becomes the Giant Oak tree!

Out of the Fire, The Fat Guy!

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