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F.I.T - Fitness Inspiration Tips

Brittney Brown

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By definition the word fitness is: "The condition of being physically fit and healthy". My definition of Fitness is a bit different. Fitness is not a condition but a celebration of your amazing body! Being Fit isn't about the amount of weight you can bench press, or the distance you can run. Being Fit is about being comfortable in your own body, feeling refreshed when you wake up, and loving your body at all stages. I'm Brittney the community leader of Health and Fitness - I created this F.I.T group to inspire you to feel good, live good, and enjoy the movement of your body! I will be sharing videos, recipes, and inspiring stories to help you become your best version not only physically, but mentally spiritually! For more fun and variety in your workouts check out the group LombardMMA Fit!

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