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Convene Health and Wellness is a web-based community where passionate people gather to share their knowledge for the benefit of the others. This community focuses on all health and fitness related issues.

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Welcome to the Health and Wellness Community!

Thank you for being here!!

In this community, you will find coaches who are passionate about helping others. We have created a space for learning and for you to interact with different coaches. 

Different people relate to other people. Therefore, as coaches, we have found it better to collaborate and have the ability to help you in your journeys truly!

Are you a health and fitness coach looking to scale your business? If so, we would love to have you come in and create content for our members. 

Please let us know if you have any questions whatsoever! We look forward to continuing to build this out and creating a community where we can help a limitless number of people on their health journeys! 

This community is for athletic coaches, nutrition coaches, fitness coaches, etc. Together, we can do more!

Let's meet your community leaders:

Jodi Watkins

Jodi Watkins is a highly motivated and hard-working mompreneur, Air Force Veteran, and Certified Health Coach passionate about improving individual and community health through education and public awareness. She loves to mentor other coaches, college students, and anyone. She shares her experiences with others to help them grow and become better versions of themselves. She teaches various health topics in her Life and Health Community. She also uses the Convene platform for her company's back office. She founded an online coaching company called 2BEpic Fitness and Nutrition, LLC, and recently formed a DBA ("Doing Business As") called Lady J Consulting.


She serves in her community through her Amazing Life Church in Jacksonville, Florida. She also performs with other non-profits and sits on the board for two local non-profits. One helps women transition out of toxic relationships. The other helps veterans make a healthier transition out of the military to find their next career. Jodi is also the host of a podcast called Breaking Barriers Now and is the author of a book called Reclaim Your Life. Jodi's links can be found at Jodi is on a mission to save lives and loves to support, encourage, and empower others (including coaches and other entrepreneurs) so that we can do more together! Jodi is a good teacher and relationship builder with excellent communication skills. She offers a lifetime of experience and tools in mindset shift, time management, self-care implementation, nutrition, exercise, and consistency through life’s challenges to take people to the next level. She teamed up with other coaches to build this community to what it is meant to be - a one-stop shop for health and fitness! 

Omar Torrez

Omar is a certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, sports performance specialist, and orthopedic exercise specialist. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness.  He is from a small town in Oklahoma called Luther, where he started his active lifestyle with sports like basketball, football, and track.  He went to state in track and did a little powerlifting to keep in shape. He also did this for his primary sport, bull riding. Omar rode bulls for fourteen years throughout high school and college and eventually ended it while on active duty in the United States Air Force.  He joined the Air Force for about seven years, and that’s when I realized my enjoyment of helping others with fitness as a physical training leader. 

After transitioning from active duty to the reserves, he decided to become a physical therapist. His wife received orders to Germany shortly after. While in Germany, Omar decided to become a personal trainer. He had a great experience helping others. It made him want to keep improving and learning to be the best at helping others.  Omar is now in Colorado with his wife, dogs, and two kids. He is a stay-at-home dad going to school, so time flexibility was essential to him. He needed a way to leverage his time but still help more people. He decided to join the team at 2BEpic Fitness and Nutrition, LLC, as an online coach who builds custom workouts for those who want to work with him. He invites anyone to get on this incredible journey of health and fitness. If you are interested in his programming, check him out at and see his content inside this community. 


Melissa O'Connell PT, DPT

Melissa performed her undergrad work at Manhattan College, majoring in exercise science. Her passion for helping others through movement led her to pursue her doctorate in physical therapy.

Melissa has been a national board-certified Doctor of Physical Therapy since 2014 from New York Medical College. Melissa has treated patients of all ages in various clinical areas, including post-operative, orthopedics, pediatrics, recreational/collegiate athletes, and geriatrics. Throughout her career, it became clear to Melissa that to heal her patients, she needed to address the underlying issues, not just the physical symptoms.

Melissa expanded her knowledge of yoga, meditation, sound healing, and Reiki education.

She practices a patient-centered approach to treatment, strongly emphasizing movement training, energy healing, patient education, and empowerment.

Thousands of people seeking better health and pain relief chose Melissa as their coach to get them there, and the results speak for themselves.

Through Melissa's continual journey of healing and self-discovery, she learned how important it is to have the right teacher to help guide you. Sustained recovery is not possible if attempted in isolation. Her deepest wish is that she will provide you with a unique service that will allow you to improve yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

This is your opportunity to bring Dr. Mel's expertise into your world. Please schedule it here:


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Jodi Watkins

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The Coaching Excellence Academy for Personal Trainers
Welcome to the Coaching Excellence Academy! Are you a certified personal trainer ready to elevate your game in the online fitness world? Join our dynamic community of trainers on a mission to thrive in the digital era. Our academy offers mentorship and business development training to help you maximize your online presence and impact. Learn the secrets of successful online coaching, from client acquisition to scaling your fitness empire. Join us, and let's reshape the fitness industry together, one online client and one online coach at a time!
Jodi Watkins
Live Well With Dr Mel
Welcome to Live Well With Dr Mel, in this group I will be sharing all my physical therapy tips and tricks. My goal is to make this a one stop shop for all your health and wellness needs. I will be sharing exercise videos, nutrition tips, mindset training, yoga, sound healing meditations and much much more! I want to congratulate you for clicking on my group and reading this right now, because this means you are ready to take the first steps towards becoming a healthier version of yourself! This is going to be one exciting journey. Stay Healthy and Well!
Melissa O'Connell PT, DPT
The Convene Transformation Support Group
The Convene Transformation Support Group is meant to lift each other up in our quest for Health and Wellness
Matthew Currin
Yoga & Meditation
Live Yoga Starting in January! All sessions will be recorded and available for you to perform on your own time.
Melissa O'Connell PT, DPT
Dance Club
A place to share our love of all things dance! Swap stories and tips and tricks.
Heather Burlant
Gamify Your Goals
Welcome to "Gamify Your Goals" – a vibrant online community dedicated to turning your aspirations into engaging and rewarding adventures! 🚀🎮 Are you ready to supercharge your productivity, motivation, and personal growth? Our group is all about harnessing the power of gamification to transform your goals into exciting challenges that you can't wait to conquer. Whether you're striving for professional success, fitness milestones, creative achievements, or any other pursuit, we're here to help you level up. What We Offer: 🏆 Goal Gamification: We'll guide you in breaking down your objectives into smaller, achievable tasks, and then infuse them with game elements. Earn points, unlock achievements, and progress through levels as you make strides towards your dreams. 🤝 Community Support: Connect with like-minded individuals who are also on their journey to success. Share your progress, exchange strategies, and provide mutual encouragement. Together, we're a powerhouse of inspiration and motivation. 🎯 Accountability Partners: Pair up with an accountability partner or join a small team to keep each other on track. Friendly competition and shared responsibility will propel you forward. 🌟 Challenges and Quests: Participate in group challenges and quests designed to push your limits and expand your horizons. Embark on epic missions that bring out your best, all while having a blast. 📅 Progress Tracking: Utilize our tools to track your progress, reflect on your achievements, and adjust your strategies. Data-driven insights will help you refine your approach and optimize your results. 🎉 Rewards and Prizes: Celebrate your accomplishments with virtual rewards and recognition. Gain badges, custom titles, and even unlock exclusive content as you conquer challenges. Join us at "Gamify Your Goals" and turn your journey to success into an exciting adventure. Let's transform the way we pursue our dreams – one level at a time! Are you up for the challenge? 💪🌟🎉
Anirudh Cheruvu

Community Public Experiences

Quick and Easy Smoothie Recipe
Melissa O'Connell PT, DPT
Signs you may have high blood pressure and your key to avoid death!
High blood pressure is known as the "silent killer". There are symptoms, contributing factors, and steps to reduce your levels and save your life.
Eugene Brown Jr
Recognizing Dementia Signs
Recognizing dementia signs is vitally important for not only for early treatment, but the safety of all involved.
Eugene Brown Jr
Why weightlifting is important for both men and women?
Weight training provides invaluable benefits that makes it a must for several reasons.
Eugene Brown Jr
Tips to make life LESS Challenging
Life can be difficult. Your daily "self management" approach to it can make all the difference in your perspective.
Eugene Brown Jr
What You Should Know About A Colonoscopy
The intimate details of preparing and getting a colonoscopy.
Eugene Brown Jr
Basic Healthy Diet
Eating well is a lifestyle choice that comes with many benefits.
Eugene Brown Jr
90 Day Challenge - Get Moving
Tracking your goals during the 90 Day Challenge and seeing the weight/inch difference can elevate your motivation to stay on track
Melinda Kroeze
Simple Tips to Avoid Being a Heat Casualty
Proper hydration and limiting your activities in hot weather can help you avoid a trip to the hospital.
Eugene Brown Jr
Home Gyms Can be a Great Option
Establishing a home gym is easy to do.
Eugene Brown Jr
How can you manage stress better? Why is it important to do.
Why worrying and stressing can have negative consequences. How can we manage this better?
Eugene Brown Jr
Getting Started
Matthew Currin
Healthy Relationship with America
Love letter about my relationship with America.
Eugene Brown Jr
It's time to continue the conversation about the benefits of this plant.
Eugene Brown Jr
My Story with Irlen Syndrome
I am Mallory Cullen. I want to share my Story with Irlen Syndrome & how Irlen Lenses Helped Me! In fact, I want to share how this changed my life!
Mallory Cullen
Indoor vs Outdoor Exercise
What are some benefits of outdoor vs indoor exercise.
Eugene Brown Jr
Linville Gorge Wilderness Area
Hiking on Linville trails can be challenging. There are other popular sites such as Blue Ridge, Chimney Rock. Grandfather Mountain, and the mountains in Boone to name a few.
Eugene Brown Jr
An Ounce of Prevention (60 Day Journal)
Weekly journal on how to avoid gaining weight this holiday season.
Eugene Brown Jr
TheFatGuy Story & Where He Started
Mike Campbell TheFatGuy I lost 150 pounds in 363 days! I am truly healthy for the first time in my life! On March 2nd 2009, at 351 pounds, I was being treated and on meds for High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Anxiety, Sleep Issues, Migraines, Asthma and Esophageal Reflux. Now my doctor loves me and I am off ALL of my meds and all issues are under control. I am a HAPPY HEALTHY FAT GUY!!
Mike Campbell
2019 Health and Fitness Goals
Each new year most of set new health and fitness goals.
Eugene Brown Jr
The AHA! Moment
The AHA! Moment The moment you realize that you need to make some changes!
Mike Campbell
Should Women Fight in MMA
MMA is a violent sport. Should women participate?
Eugene Brown Jr
Value Your Time and They Will Too!
What is a moment of your time worth? Have you ever thought about that? For years, I undervalued myself based on what "others were doing." I wasn't taking into consideration the time I was taking away from family and my own goals in order to help others. When you consider your worth, who or what do you allow to control your thoughts? Do you allow others to take advantage of your time? Do you give freely or grudgingly? Do you give all your goods away? Do you listen more than you talk? How much time do you take to listen? What are your consultations like? Do you have time parameters for them? Setting parameters early on is super important. Let's dive in.
Business Owner or Hobby Mindset?
Today's question is: Do we have a business owner mindset or a hobby mindset? Be real with yourself. We all have to answer this question and we have to be real with where we are and where we are willing to go for the outcome we desire.
Shoulder Warm-up with Jodi Watkins
Doing simple warm-up exercises before an upper body workout benefits the ligaments, joints, tendons, and muscles and allows you to test your body's functionality.
Jodi Watkins
Sciatica Stretches for Pain Relief
Say Goodbye to Sciatica✨
Melissa O'Connell PT, DPT
Pelvic Floor
These Pelvic floor exercises are some of my favorites. Since the pelvic floor muscles are small, it doesn’t take a lot of movement to work them, so it’s best to start with a little and slowly work up.
Melissa O'Connell PT, DPT
Melissa O'Connell PT, DPT
Spinal Stenosis
Spinal Stenosis stretches for Pain Relief💚🌿
Melissa O'Connell PT, DPT
Best Core Exercise to Prevent Back Pain
Melissa O'Connell PT, DPT
Making Exercise A Habit
How and why to make exercise a habit
Darius Jones
How to do a Push-up
In this experience, I will be going over the push-up. With plenty of experience myself and being in the military and never failing my physical training test, I believe I can help others do awesome with the push-up to help them along the way to their fitness goals.
Omar Torrez
2 Breathing Techniques to use to calm the mind and body when feeling anxious or stressed!
Melissa O'Connell PT, DPT
Here are some simple stretches to release a tight LAT muscle!
Melissa O'Connell PT, DPT
Are You At Risk For Falls?
The Time Up and Go Test is a simple test anyone can perform in order to evaluate their risk for a fall. Watch the video in order to test yourself or someone you love and care about.
Melissa O'Connell PT, DPT
Preform these exercises daily in order to improve knee strength and flexibility in patients with knee arthritis, or pre/post knee surgery
Melissa O'Connell PT, DPT
Bed Time Yoga
Let this gentle bed time stretch put you into a deep sleep...
Melissa O'Connell PT, DPT
Health and Wellness Community Growth Calls - May 20, 2023
This was our bi-weekly Health and Wellness Community Call. Today's call was great! Very informative, and lots of fantastic conversation! Join us every other Saturday at 11 AM EST! The next call is June 3, 2023!
Jodi Watkins
What Are "Macros" and Why Are They Important?
It’s essential to know what each one is and what it does in the body. This way, when it comes to “fueling” our bodies, we understand that each macronutrient plays a vital role in our overall health. When we take out a complete macronutrient, such as the "Keto Diet,” we do our body a disservice. Carbohydrates are predominantly given a bad name. However, if appropriately used, carbohydrates can be our best friends. It’s up to us to build better habits and digest them in moderation. DISCLAIMER: The information on this site is not intended as medical advice, medical nutrition therapy, or individualized nutrition counseling/coaching.
Jodi Watkins
Parkinson’s Disease: stop freezing
Melissa O'Connell PT, DPT
Dynamic Warm up/ Stretches
In this experience I go over a few dynamic warm up exercises along with some stretches to help with specific areas when lifting.
Omar Torrez
Yoga for Herniated Disc
Makarasana pose or crocodile pose is beneficial for stress-relief, low back pain, sciatica, herniated disc, asthma ect.
Melissa O'Connell PT, DPT
10 Minute Guided Meditation
Perform this daily for the next 30 days, and notice the difference in your blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety level.
Melissa O'Connell PT, DPT
Vertigo BPPV Treatment
Vertigo can really be difficult to manage if you don't know how to combat the symptoms. Here is a treatment option for you to try!
Melissa O'Connell PT, DPT
Full Body Seated Workout With Bands
Join me in this full body workout, great for all levels! You can perform right from your chair !!💪
Melissa O'Connell PT, DPT
Morning Sunrise Meditation
Enjoy this 10 minute morning sunrise meditation, perfect way to start your day!
Melissa O'Connell PT, DPT
Stretches for Back Pain✨
Here are TWO of my ABSOLUTE favorite stretches for back pain!
Melissa O'Connell PT, DPT
Bed Time Stretches💚
Here is a 15 minute Bed Time Stretching Routine!
Melissa O'Connell PT, DPT
Stretches for Calf Pain
Learn how to improve your calf flexibility in order to improve your squat and ease back/calf pain or tightness!
Melissa O'Connell PT, DPT
Round Ligament Pain
In this video I will take you through my favorite stretch to help manage these symptoms. I will also provide modifications for the stretches depending on your activity level and stage of pregnancy.
Melissa O'Connell PT, DPT